The death of Death

Dear friends


It is with great gladness that I announce the passing away of death who was terribly defeated by the Cross of Christ on Good Friday and was stripped of all powers at the moment when our LORD Jesus Christ Rose from the DEAD on Sunday. In lieu of flowers, you could support all missionaries who are spreading the Powerful Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ, who did not only conquered death, but has also gave life to all those who put their trust and faith in Him.




You are all invited to attend a celebratory memorial service on Sunday March 31st  where death’s eulogy will be read and his defeater’s name be praised. To prepare your minds and hearts for the service, I invite you to memorize the verse from 1 Cor 15:55-57.




I look forward to seeing you on this very special service


In Christ Alone, 

Pastor Berj

Maundy Thursday

Dear All

Thursday March 28th is Maundy Thursday and we will gather at the church to remember Christ’s suffering and partake in the Lord’s Supper. The service commences at 8:00PM and I encourage you to bring your whole family and friends.


On Sunday March 31st, our Sunday School teachers will be hosting the Easter Breakfast in the Hekemian Hall at 9:30AM. At 10:00AM an egg hunt event is prepared for our children.  This is a wonderful time to fellowship with one another before we gather together at 11:00AM to worship and praise the name of our Resurrected Christ. Again, I encourage you to bring your whole family and attend.


Pastor Berj